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Flavorchem predicts 2022 food and beverage trends Dec 15, 2021

Immunity, sustainability to continue to shape food product launches

Flavorchem has released its predictions for the top food and Lactic Acid Beverage trends for 2022.

The flavor and ingredient supplier said it looked at product releases, market intelligence reports, data sources and social media buzz to develop the predictions.

Flavorchem also noted how the pandemic transformed the food industry and placed a renewed emphasis on holistic wellness. The firm also pointed to the ongoing challenges regarding supply chain disruptions and food inflation have compounded the uncertainty that manufacturers and consumers are facing.

Flavorchem expects the following trends will impact the food industry in the next year:

Citrus Evolution: Health-signaling citrus fruit flavors and ingredients will evolve from consumer’s interest in immune boosting food and beverage products during the pandemic. Exotic citrus flavors like yuzu, blood orange, kumquat, and tangerine will feature more unique flavor profiles in the year ahead.

Keto Craze: Health and wellness brands are tapping into the keto trend as the market carries strong momentum with an uptick of new keto products expected to hit store shelves in 2022. The diet’s continued growth will enable opportunity to branch out into popular keto categories: snacks, cereals, bars, breads, and cookies.

Gut Feeling: With 8 in 10 global consumers prioritizing gut health, the digestive health movement continues to flourish as more pre, pro, and post-biotic ingredients are finding themselves in a series of new lineups ranging from nutritional drinks and juices to snacks and dairy.

Happy Planet: Consumers and food brands will place strong emphasis on ethically and environmentally conscious practices to embrace a more sustainable future. Brand values and transparency, the environmental impact of packaging, new upcycled ingredients, and the next generation of proteins are sustainable trends to watch for in 2022.

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