As a leader in Chinese lactic acid bacteria beverage industry;

As a creator of a series of new food categories;

Haocaitou Food builds a great monument and achieves the successful future of the food industry by strategy!

Haocaitou was established in October 2005, focusing on the food and beverage industry for nearly 20 years. Haocaitou adheres to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, customer-oriented, and people-oriented". It has three major categories: lactic acid bacteria beverages, snack foods and instant food. We have a high-quality product development, production management, and brand marketing team to create two famous brands "Haocaitou" and "Xiaoyang".

On February 14th, 2015, Haocaitou reached a strategic cooperation with Sequoia Capital,which is the world's top investment fund, and took a solid step in the capital market.

Based on the differentiation and functionalization of beverage category; the high grade of snack food category and the popularization and diversified development of instant food category, a number of well-known brand products have been created and sold throughout the domestic markets,as well as foreign countries,like South Korea, Southeast Asia,Middle East,etc.

Until now, Haocaitou has realized the strategic layout of national production bases. We has six large-scale integrated production bases in Siyang, Jiangsu, Qianjiang in Hubei, Bazhong in Sichuan, Tongren in Guizhou, Guiyang in Guizhou, Xuancheng in Anhui, and Jinjiang Candy Production Park in Fujian, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to meet the needs of the whole national market.

In 2009, Haocaitou launched a series of products such as "XiaoYang Sour Gummy Candy" and invited Wang Luodan to endorse it to create an new sub-category of Sour Gummy Candy.

In 2013, the launch of "XiaoYang Lactic Acid" quickly led to the rapid development of the category of normal temperature lactic acid bacteria. XiaoYang also achieved a monthly sales volume of more than 200 million and became the leading brand of normal temperature lactic acid bacteria.

In September 2019, XiaoYang teamed up with China's No. 1 animation IP "Nezha", and the "XiaoYang×Nezha" co-branded blockbuster launch, and Nezha jointly launched two major categories of lactic acid bacteria and candy, and six series of new products.

In 2020, XiaoYang will be combined with the trend of youth, and will jointly name the current hot IP image "Kumamon Bear" to accelerate the brand penetration into the market and penetrate into the hearts of consumers. XiaoYang will also use this excellent IP image and combine offline marketing activities to create an IP for the Chinese food.

Based on the great success of drinks and snack foods, Xiao Yang take the advantage for the rising of stay-at-home economy, take "good life comes from good food and good drink" as the brand slogan, sement the market with a unique and innovative product concept, invited popular singer and actor Lu Han for endorse, and launched a new variety of convenience foods such as camel milk, self heated rice, hot and sour rice noodles, river snails rice noodle, self heated noodles and self heated hot pot, Provide more delicious, healthy and safe alternative meal solutions for our consumers. At present, a variety of products have been fully introduced to the market which leads the new experience of substitute food and created a good reputation for the Xiao Yang substitute food series.

After more than ten years of development and precipitation, haocaitou has cultivated a high-quality marketing, R & D and management team. We continuously enrich brand communication, innovate our product categories and improve our team management ability.

In the future, Xiao Yang family will work together, forge ahead bravely, adhere to the mission of bringing health, delicacy and happiness to consumers. We will work hard towards the corporate vision and building a partnership food platform and creating value for the society!

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